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juli 31, 2012

Holiday fever!

Christmas, Easter and Halloween in July, are you crazy? I know it's a bit early or late for any of these holidays, but since I still have a broken hand I figured I might as well dedicate a post to all the holiday patterns and illustrations I've made so far. I made a seamless banner and vector illustration for each of these holidays. If you look closely you'll see on each design that there's always one figure who looks very uninterested compared to the other figures. It's a little joke I put in, because in real life there's always a person around who isn't looking forward to any of these holidays. Anyways hope you'll like em!
stock vector : Christmas border seamless vector
Seamless Christmas banner (get banner)

stock vector : Christmas tree vector
Christmas tree vector (get vector)
stock vector : Easter banner seamless vector
Seamless easter banner (get banner)

stock vector : Easter egg
Decorative Easter egg vector (get vector)
stock vector : Halloween banner seamless vector
Seamless Halloween banner (get banner)
stock vector : Halloween Pumpkin Card
Halloween pumkin vector (get vector)

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