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juni 14, 2012

German pattern anyone?

Well Germany victoriously won from Holland yesterday in de European soccer cup. To me that was kinda meh since I am Dutch? The bright side was that my German pattern sale has doubled after that match! So I thought this is as good a time as any to show off some of my cool illustrated country patterns (even a Dutch one). Each country pattern has got symbols and icons famous for that country. Here's some:
stock vector : German symbol icon seamless pattern
Germany seamless pattern. (get pattern). Off course Germany is among other things famous for its lederhosen, German sheppard and bratwurst. 
stock vector : seamless vector Holland pattern
Holland seamless pattern (get pattern). Holland, Dutch, Netherlands what is it? Well it's all good, its one and the same. Holland is famous for its tulips, its bikes (we all ride bikes) and wooden shoes and no we do not walk around in those things anymore haha only some farmers still do. 
stock vector : American symbols icons seamless pattern
America seamless pattern (get pattern) America is such a vast country that I actually found it hard to come up with icons. So I drew, among other things, the Whitehouse, Liberty bell, Mount Rushmore and the great bald eagle.
stock vector : British symbols and icons seamless pattern
Great Britain seamless pattern (get pattern). Brritainn.. off course famous for its Stonehenge, tea, cricket, London bridge and the Big Ben. 
stock vector : French icon symbol seamless pattern
France seamless pattern (get pattern) When in think of France, I think of Paris, whine, cheese, baquettes, snails, moustaches and poodles,

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