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mei 05, 2012

How it all started. A post dedicated to monkey stuff, the very beginning of Vectorific!

There's no such thing as too much monkey business! Below is one of the first patterns I ever made. I got inspired by my old monkey toys from the eighties. I had loads of them, kept me playing for hours. The eighties.. back in the day where toys where kinda weird, probably not very safe but looked awesome! The pixel aspect is cool to! I'am a big fan of eighties games & pixelart.

Pixel monkey seamless pattern
One of my first patterns ever! (get pattern)
80's plastic monkey toy
My super awesome very plastic & very weird 80's toy! 
Vectorific monkey logo
Vectorific monkey logo

Looking back I guess I can say I have a thing with monkeys. Not only in my graphical design but also in my artwork. I like the way people tend to humanize them. Below is one of my paintings, I have lots more & and not just monkey stuff. You can check it out on my artwork website.

Painting: Too much monkey business
Painting: Too much monkey business
80x80cm, oil on canvas, 2009

More? here are some of my monkey products:

Green Pixel Monkey T-shirt
Green pixel monkey shirt (get shirt)
Red Pixel Monkey T-shirt
Red pixel monkey T-shirt  (get T-shirt)
Pixel Monkeys T-shirt
Pixel monkeys T-shirt (get T-shirt)
Pixel monkey Doodle speaker
Pixel monkey Doodle speaker (get Doodle speaker)
Monkey Ipad Case zazzle_speckcase
Pixel monkey Ipad case  (get Ipad case)

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