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mei 07, 2012

Inspiration book: Charley Harper, An illustrated life

Charly Harper, he has got to be my alltime favorite illustrator! I recently bought his book Charley Harper: An illustrated life. It comes in 2 versions, a huge one of 5 kg and a smaller one. The smaller one, the one I have is off course much cheaper & recently came out by AMMO Book.
Book: Charley Harper, An illustrated life
Cover of the book found on flickr
 I think his style derives from the 50's. It is called minimal realism and from the looks of it he made most of his images silkscreening. I love his illustration because he has done a lot and a mean a lot of biology/nature stuff. I also like the clean cut of his work. If you didn't no better you would almost say it was made with the computer. So he's definitely an inspiration source for me while making my patterns and definitely worth checking out! For more information go to

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