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mei 06, 2012

Did someone say PIXELART? Part II: Products

Looking at the Vectorific logo it's probably not a big surprise that I am a BIG fan of pixelart! The style derives from old computer games back in the eigthies. Talk about less is more! Here are some pixel products:

Pixel Hamburger T-shirt zazzle_shirt
Pixel hamburger T-shirt (get T-shirt)
Pixel Popcorn T-shirt zazzle_shirt
Pixel popcorn T-shirt. Go to the movies in style! (get T-shirt)

Pixel Hotdog T-shirt zazzle_shirt
Pixel hotdog T-shirt (get T-shirt)
Pixel Beer T-shirt zazzle_shirt
Pixel beer T-shirt (get T-shirt)

And for the BBQ fans:

Pixel Hamburger And Hotdog BBQ Apron zazzle_apron
Pixel hotdog and hamburger apron (get apron)
Pixel Hamburger BBQ Apron zazzle_apron
Pixel hamburger apron (get apron)
Pixel Hotdog BBQ Apron zazzle_apron
Pixel hotdog apron (get apron)

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